The Alliance for Positive Growth was established as a grassroots effort to actively support sustained, progressive growth and development in our region.



The Alliance for Positive Growth is an organization of professionals in the fields of real estate, development, construction and all other interested parties working together to promote strong, beneficial growth in Southwest Louisiana.

Meet Our Director

Faith Hooks is the Executive Director of the Alliance for Positive Growth (APG). She is originally from New Orleans and a graduate of Loyola University with a BA in Political Science. Faith received her Masters from LSU's School of Leadership & Human Resource Development and is an active member of the Public Relations Association of LA (PRAL). Over the last several years she has worked as a director in the field of education management across multiple cities throughout the state. Most recently, she became known for her work with developing and growing non-profits and small businesses through her independent consulting firm specializing in data and performance analysis. As Executive Director, Hooks works with the board and membership of APG to achieve our goals of actively supporting sustained, progressive growth and development in Southwest Louisiana.

Our Goals:

  • To be a positive voice for good growth in Southwest Louisiana.
  • To assist growth professionals involved in development in our region.
  • To provide fact-based information to the media and public about the economic benefit of positive growth.
  • To educate and advocate about the need for housing and commercial growth in our region.
  • To monitor and review municipal actions in order to work with area municipalities to complement public/private relationships.
  • To endorse and support policies that align with our pro-quality growth platform.
  • To support civic initiatives that enhance quality of life.