Community Tax Education Initiative

The purpose of this project is to help local citizens understand where and how tax dollars are allocated. APG's Community Tax Education Initiative brings the resources and tax data of 5 different Public Offices into ONE online portal for taxpayers to access!

Project Summary & Purpose:

This project is a snapshot of the 2021-2022 property and sales taxes of Calcasieu Parish. The purpose is to give local residents a better understanding of the different type of levies in our local taxing system.

Three simple goals of this project are:

  1. For the Interactive Dashboard to be used as a tool for any resident to better understand their annual tax bill. (Watch Video 1 below)
  2. Learn which taxes can be changed on the local level versus the ones that cannot. Secondly, have an easy to access guide to tax renewal/expiration dates.
  3. Better understand what our parish/cities/public entities collect in taxes and what role that plays in project funding.

Dashboard Navigating Tips:

  • This dashboard allows users to pinpoint what types of results they would like to view from the available data on ONE page. 
  • Each gray "category" can can filter the entire page and changes the viewing results as needed.
  • Each of the gray category cards also have vertical scroll bars in each box to reveal more filtering options, when one scrolls up and down.
  • TO CLEAR a set of filtered results just use the eraser icon that appears at the top right hand corner of each card.
  • The multi-columned chart at the bottom is also interactive. One can filter and sort this chart to display different desired results.
    • If you click the title of any given column it will sort the whole page by the results in that column.
    • One click sorts from least to greatest (or A-Z), a second click on the same column title sorts from greatest to least (Z-A).
  • In the "Authorized Entity" category card, if any entity name is not visible, just hover over the name to show the full description.